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Gables on the Pond Assisted Living


The Preliminary Admission

During this meeting, we  will handle the business of admission. We will ask you a few questions about your situation and make an appointment to visit the applicant to better understand their current health status and determine qualification for admission according to the regulations that govern our operations.  The physician’s referral documents will be reviewed. During the admission, financial papers, terms of residence, and details of care will be reviewed.  Contact usto learn more.

The Residential Agreement

With all of the facts in hand, we will prepare the Residential Agreement for approval by signature of the applicant and/or the family members involved.

Moving In

Residents are encouraged to bring their own furniture. This usually includes a bed, dresser, night table, plus additional chairs and tables appropriate for the space in the unit selected. If this is not possible, we can make temporary arrangements for all of the furnishings required. We will help to place and put away all of the resident’s belongings and introduce you to our entire staff. At some point during the first day, we will take a photograph of the resident for our care file.

Getting To Know You

We have a genuine interest in who are residents are and what they prefer. Once settled, we will sit down for a talk with the resident to discuss  preferences for meals and activities, as well as to learn about their living habits and preferences.